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Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Things to Review Before Using PowerPoint

Things to Review Before Using PowerPoint

Before you use PowerPoint as your primary tool for giving a presentation, there are some things to keep in mind. If your slides are cluttered with graphics, it will be difficult for your audience to concentrate on the content. In addition, moving text and graphics are distracting. It would help if you used the Appear build effect to ensure that your text and graphics appear in the right spot on each slide. A well-designed presentation will make it easy for your audience to follow what you’re saying.

Consider your audience:

Before creating a PowerPoint company presentation, one thing to remember is to determine who your audience is. You can gauge this by their knowledge level and whether they are engaged. If they already know a lot about your subject, you can go into greater detail. If not, keep your presentation simple and easy to understand. Those who don’t know much about the topic should start with basic tips. Keeping the presentation short and sweet will help you keep your audience focused.

Avoid making longer slides:

Changing fonts and characters is a simple process, but keep in mind that it’s not an excuse to make your slides longer. Try using only five words or lines per slide, which can help your audience understand what you’re saying more easily. It’s best not to use too many visual cues and effects. Instead, use great visual cues to improve the understanding of your audience. You can also use images to make your slides more interesting. Don’t use images for decoration. They should reinforce your message instead of being distracting. Moreover, choose images that are of high resolution.

Choose a background color carefully:

When choosing a background color, choose a dark one. Dark backgrounds can highlight important points, but light colors make your slides look even more attractive. Choose a color that matches your presentation’s background to avoid visual clutter. For example, a dark background with a light text color makes your text stand out. A high-contrast color scheme will help your slides stand out from the background. The bright colors also make it easy for your audience to understand your message.

Consider the audience’s knowledge level:

It is also important to consider the audience’s knowledge level. Depending on the topic, you may want to go into more detail than you normally would if your audience is more knowledgeable. However, if you’re presenting to an audience that is not familiar with your topic, make sure it’s as simple as possible. In this way, you’ll be more persuasive. This is a good start to a great PowerPoint presentation.