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Saturday Nov 26, 2022

How to Protect an Artwork from Damage

How to Protect an Artwork from Damage

When we paint, we put our emotions in it and that is why some art work that seems simple is sold of thousands of dollars. But we still don’t understand how abstract art is sold for so much money because it usually does not make sense. People who make art and for some reason it is damaged and destroyed, artists become disheartened and they never make the same master piece and that is why it is important to keep your art work safe from any kind of damage. You will be surprised to know that the experts who preserve art, they take millions of dollars to save a painting from damage specially the priceless ones because it is an art itself. Here are some ways of protecting your art.

Tip 1:

You will be surprised to know that sunlight can do a lot of damage to the painting. No matter how expensive colors or canvas you have used, the sunlight can do a good amount of damage to your painting. That is why the most famous paintings have also been damaged from the sun. Make sure to keep them away from windows.

Tip 2:

We all know that the most natural light is the sun light and if you have held a painting exhibition in open air and you just read about the sunlight damaging the paintings then you should use plexiglass instead of the regular glass. This will deflect the sunlight and protect the painting from any radiation.

Tip 3:

The next tip is to pay attention to the humidity. Most unique paintings have been completely destroyed because they were exposed to humidity and they were not framed in a good glass. That is why you need to make sure that you keep your paintings in a room that is not too hot or have moist.

Tip 4:

Your hands can be priceless and a cause for destruction as well. because most of the time our hands can ruin the whole painting. So, the tip is that when you complete a painting or you have painted a huge area of the canvas, make sure to step away and then admire it. And keep your hand to your back.

Tip 5:

Always keep a clean cloth with you for quickly saving your work from any accidental spills, special paint cleaning cloth can be bought from any store of art supplies in UAE.