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Sunday Aug 07, 2022

Why are disc physiotherapists real heroes?

Why are disc physiotherapists real heroes?

The benefits of disc physio in Dubai are numerous, and the treatment has helped countless patients. Unlike other types of physical therapy, disc physios aim to reduce inflammation and reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the injury. The methods used to treat this condition are safe and effective and incorporate the latest research and science. However, they are not suitable for every patient. Here are some tips to help you understand the benefits of disc physios.

Helps reduce the impact of gravity on the disc:

Traction is one of the most effective treatments for degenerative discs. Pulling the bones apart helps reduce the impact of gravity on the disc. It is an effective treatment for lumbar and cervical disc herniation. Active treatments focus on posture, core stability, joint movement, and strength. During treatment, patients are taught exercises to help them prevent the recurrence of the pain and improve their overall health.

Help patients avoid furtur injury:

The physiotherapist’s job is to help patients avoid further injury. This includes preventing future injuries by evaluating the mechanics of the body. Physiotherapy is a comprehensive way of rehabilitating the body. In addition to providing immediate pain relief, this approach also involves teaching patients how to condition their bodies to prevent injury in the future. Passive treatments include deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapy, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, and electrical stimulation. Usually, patients will begin their physical therapy program with passive treatments. Then, the therapist will introduce active therapies to strengthen the muscles and bones of the back.

Condition can be resolved without surgery:

The benefits of disc physiotherapy go far beyond immediate pain relief. Generally, the condition can be resolved without surgery. The physiotherapist can prescribe exercise routines that will allow them to regain range of motion and strengthen the body. They can also prescribe stretches and other exercises to help them recover. This treatment helps patients return safely to sport and reduce the risk of recurrence. They can even prescribe a range of exercises to help the disc recover.

Reduce the risk of recurrence:

Although disc physios can’t prevent surgery, they can significantly reduce the risk of recurrence. Fortunately, many types of disc pain can be cured without surgery. A physiotherapist can also prescribe exercises to improve range of motion and reduce pain. They can help athletes return to their sport or work more efficiently. This way, they can avoid a traumatic injury and maintain their overall health.