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Jason Oddy

British born photographer and writer Jason Oddy has a professional interest in photographing empty spaces of significance. The eerie architecture he focuses on often has political, historical or ideological concepts at their core, the sentiment of which is felt by the viewer through his work.

There’s something unnerving about Oddy’s images, which are predominantly taken at places that are off-limits to the public, or difficult to access. This includes photographing inside the Pentagon—the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba, and Ukrainian sanatoriums: curious state-run health and wellness institutions from the Soviet era. The photographer was also granted permission to enter Neue Prora, the former Nazi holiday resort in West Berlin. Further to this is his work in places of current political power, such as the United Nations building and the Palace of Nations in Geneva. By showing the simple details of these places, such as empty waiting rooms or hallways with open doorways, Oddy strips the spaces of their power and context, revealing the intimate details that leave an impression on the viewer. Oddy invites us to meditate on how different types of architecture house different types of sensitive politics or contentious ideologies.

Stéphanie Wade


The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway


Oscar Niemeyer in Algeria


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Aug 2017 Concrete Spring.  Casa Niemeyer, Brasilia.

April 2016 Concrete Spring.  Gallery 32, The Brazilian Embassy, London. 

Mar 2015 Gallery Vassie, Amsterdam. 

Mar 2014 Perihelion.  University of Hertfordshire Galleries, Hatfield.  

Jan 2014 Concrete Spring.  Smiths Row, Bury St. Edmunds.  

Jan 2013 A Is For.  James Hockey Gallery, UCA Farnham, Farnham.  

Jan 2011 Within.  Camera 16, Milan.  

Aug 2007 In Memoriam.  Kilkenny Arts Festival, Kilkenny.  

Jun 2007 Turning Things Round.  Catalyst Arts, Belfast. 

Jan 2007 Newtopia.  University of Hertfordshire Galleries, St. Albans.

Sep 2006 Playas.  Photofusion, London.

June 2006 Newtopia.  Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Corby. 

May 2006 Playas.  Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea. 

Feb 2006 Playas.  The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

Oct 2005 Hug Gallery, Amsterdam.

May 2004 Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York.

Oct 2003 The Photographers’ Gallery, London. 

Sep 2002 Galerie Serieuze Zaken, Amsterdam.

Jul 2002 'D.I.N.G.F.Y.'  The Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York.

Apr 2002 Royal Pump Rooms Museum, Leamington Spa.

Sep 2001 Shroud.  The Photographers' Gallery, London.  

Dec 2000 Influencing Space.  Yossi Milo Gallery, New York.

Sep 2000 Neue Prora.  Henry Peacock Gallery, London.  

Nov 1999 Sanatorium.  The Architectural Association, London. 

Oct 1999 Waiting Rooms.  Henry Peacock Gallery, London.  

Jul 1998 Dunroamin. The Alchemy Gallery, London.  

Selected Group Exhibitions

Jan 2016 Made in Algeria, généalogie d'un territoire.  MuCEM (Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée), Marseilles.

Oct 2015 The Global Sixties.  Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

Oct 2015 Deptford X Festival, London. 

Oct 2015 Bread and Jam, London.

Jan 2015 The Presence of Absence.  Berloni Gallery, London.

Oct 2014 Africa.  Big Chance Big Change.  The Milan Triennale, Milan.

Sep 2014 Amsterdam Unseen, Amsterdam.

May 2014 Bar For The Future.  Belmacz Gallery, London. 

Jan 2014 Le Projet Sfax.  Palais Kheireddine, Tunis. 

Jul 2012 Regards Croisés. European Parliament, Brussels.

Jun 2012 Bolingbroke: A View Backwards.  CAA Gallery, London.

Oct 2011 Regards Croisés.  Palais des Rais, Algiers.

Jan 2009 Absolute Evil.  Kunstakademie Leipzig, Leipzig.

May 2008 Lucifer’s Greatest Works of Art.  Fred, Leipzig.

Jan 2008 Photo 50.  The London Art Fair, London.

Dec 2007 Varanasi.  Nature Morte Gallery, Delhi. 

July 2007 'says the junk in the yard'.  Flowers East, London.

Jan 2007 On the wall.  Aperture, New York. 

May 2006 9 x 100:9.  Galleria Santa Cecilia, Rome.

Nov 2005 The Photographers' Gallery at Paris Photo, Paris.

Sep 2005 Liminal Britain.  University of North Texas Art Gallery, Denton, Texas.

Aug 2005 Inner Space.  Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea.

Jul 2005 Déjà-vu.  The Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York.

Nov 2003 The Photographers' Gallery at Paris Photo, Paris.

May 2003 Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York.

Nov 2002 Paris Photo, Paris.

Oct 2002 Armoury Photography Show, New York.

Sep 2002 Medicate.  Royal Pump Rooms Museum, Leamington Spa, England.

Jun 2001 Gone Missing.  Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York.

Nov 2000 The Photographers' Gallery at Paris Photo, Paris.

Oct 2000 Print Circle.  The Photographer's Gallery, London.

Sep 2000 La Lettre Volée.  Kanal 20, Brussels.

Sep 2000 I turned with me…  Mafuji Gallery, London.

Mar 2000 Residual Property.  Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh.

Dec 1999 The Special Photographers' Company, London.

May 1998 Inside.  New Inn Yard, London.


2019 The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway: Oscar Niemeyer in Algeria, Columbia University Press

2017 Notes du désert, Grasset


University College London, M.A. (Distinction) in 'French & Post-War Literary Theory’.

University College London, B.A. (Hons) in ‘French Language & Literature’.


Sessional lecturer, School of Photography, UCA Farnham. Visiting lecturer in photography at various institutions including The School of Visual Arts (New York); Central St. Martins (UK); Domus Academy (Italy); Nottingham Trent University (UK).


US Department of State; Wellcome Foundation; Channel 4; Citibank Private Bank; DZ Bank; Michael Wilson Centre For Photography; Elton John collection; University of Hertfordshire.

Awards & Grants

Graham Foundation Grant.  Numerous Arts Council England awards for creative writing and the visual arts.  University of the Creative Arts Promising Researcher Award.  British Academy Award for post-graduate study.

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